Erectile Dysfunction: having a hard time

August 25, 2014 admin Erectile Dysfunction Articles

Viagra Super Active is not an aphrodisiac. That means that if the interest is not there, Viagra will not supply it a�� it is not a means to restore a flagging relationship. It is also obvious from the studies that, while Viagra will significantly improve theimpotence erectile response, it doesna��t return it to a mana��s youthful levels. And it seems that the responses are still lower than a�?normala��, whatever that is. The important thing is that the partners in a relationship be able to express themselves sexually and lovingly. Viagra can help them to do this, but ita��s not the only factor involved.

Some side-effects have been reported. Headache, facial flushing, indigestion and some visual disturbance (seeing a bluish tinge around objects) are the most common, but these have been reported by only a small percentage of men. Few men stop taking Viagra because of them.

Generic Viagra is a considerably cheaper ED solution. Why does it cost so little, when its brand counterpart displayed next to it on the pharmacy shop counter features a price tag with one zero too many on it? Are they the same? As a matter of fact, they are. A drug in terms of its chemical composition is a formula, which for both generic and brand Viagra is sildenafil citrate molecule in identical quantity. When you pay for the brand Viagra, you basically pay for the name, appearance and prestige; when you buy generic Viagra click here to find out more, you pay for the quality.

What about the reports of sudden cardiac death associated with the use of Viagra? These have not been numerous and need to be seen in the context of naturally occurring sudden cardiac death in men over 40 during sexual intercourse. This is the origin of so many jokes about a�?death in the saddlea��. Obviously, Viagra should be prescribed by a doctor who either knows the health of the particular man very well or who makes it their business to check him out thoroughly before prescribing it. Some men will have health conditions that make it unsafe either to take Viagra or to have sex, or they may be taking medications Viagra Sydney that are unsafe together with Viagra a�� notably the nitrates commonly prescribed for heart disease. Some medications may be changed, allowing the use of Viagra; others may not. In men who suffer from kidney or liver disease, extreme care, and possibly lower doses, will be needed.

Generally, 50 mg a day is a sufficient dose a�� some men need 100 mg, but more than this should not be taken in any 24-hour period.

As you may be aware, there are many internet sites offering Viagra. Sure, these have the advantage of keeping the matter relatively private between you and your computer if you decide to purchase Viagra this way. However, a recent survey showed that only about a third of these sites sought any medical history from the men contacting them or had a doctor review that information. Only half provided any medical information about the drug, and less than half explained that taking nitrates is an important contraindication to Viagra. Whata��s more, less than half bothered to ask whether the man concerned actually had erectile dysfunction! As wea��ve explained, Viagra is not an aphrodisiac but fills a specific deficiency in the process of erection. Buying online (or anywhere else) should only take place in conjunction with at least an initial physical check and discussion with a doctor to rule out or treat the health problems wea��ve discussed.

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