Fertility Preservation Methods and Treatments for Males

September 1, 2014 admin Treatment

Techniques for the fertility preservation in males are almost exclusively based around the ability to freeze spermatozoa and cryopreserve them in liquid nitrogen until such time that they can be used in an assisted conception procedure. Although the ability to freeze human sperm was first demonstrated in the late eighteenth century, its application to fertility preservation prior to potentially sterilizing medical treatments did not occur until the mid-nineteenth century. Since that time, there have been many advances both in the technology used to freeze and store sperm, as well as that which allows it to be used to achieve a pregnancy. This chapter will review the current state of the art of fertility preservation in males by sperm freezing as well as look to the future for possible developments in this area.

The process of sperm banking

The ability to freeze sperm and place it in storage relies on being able to obtain a suitable sample of spermatozoa viagra super active Canada from the patient. In the first instance, this almost always requires the patient to be able to provide a semen sample by masturbation. Unfortunately, there are some patients for whom masturbation to orgasm is simply not possible, either because they are feeling too ill to become sexually aroused or because physiological changes due to their disease a�� or the side-effects of treatment or surgery a�� prevent them being able to achieve an erection or ejaculate. In these cases, alternative strategies to obtain sperm can be considered, although often the time pressures to begin treatment (in the case of cancer treatments for example), and the additional risks that these procedures sometimes carry to the patienta��s health, can preclude them from being used routinely.

Assuming the patient is able to masturbate a sample for cryopreservation and that he has gone through puberty, then the medical shop in Canadian viagra online evidence to date would suggest that, at least in cancer patients, the semen quality is broadly similar across disease states and is comparable to that of males without malignancies. However, there will inevitably be some patients where no (or too few) sperm can be obtained for freezing, either from an initial masturbatory ejaculate or from a more sophisticated (sperm retrieval) technique. Azoospermia1 may occur for a variety of reasons relating to an inherent underlying genetic condition that is independent of the disease state under treatment, or due to a direct physiological association with it.

Freezing and long-term storage of sperm

The science that underpins successful sperm cryopreservation has been reviewed many times and involves a complex understanding of physics and biology. However, in simple terms, cryostorage is able to keep sperm in a state of a�?suspended animationa��.

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